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Women‘s Defense

Handgun: Self–Defense Shooting and Firearm Safety

This one-day (6 hour) training course is designed for women.

This Range TEC. class is a comprehensive program designed to teach women the skills necessary for self–defense with handguns. Our classes provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment for women to learn and practice the fundamentals of shooting and gun safety. Our instructors are certified professionals who are passionate about teaching women the essential skills necessary to handle a firearm safely and effectively.

Our classes are designed to give women the confidence and knowledge to handle a firearm in a variety of situations.

In our classes, we focus on teaching the fundamentals of shooting as well as experiencing drills that will introduce techniques to increase speed and accuracy. We also provide instructions on shooting single and multiple moving and reactive steel targets.

Our courses are tailored to the individual needs and goals of each student. We offer classes ranging from basic gun safety and shooting fundamentals to more advanced topics such as home defense shooting and problem–solving.

Minimum Gear and Ammo Requirements

  • Eye Protection and Ear Protection

  • Serviceable Pistol or Revolver

  • 4 Magazines or Speed Loaders

  • Magazine or Speed Loader Pouches

  • Functional Belt and Holster

  • Flashlight and/or Mounted Light

  • 500 Rounds Minimum Per Day

Women’s Defense Handgun

6 Hour Course



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