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Missouri Conceal Carry - CCW

Come expand your carry rights.

This course provides an overview of Missouri State Statutes and gun safety, but more importantly it teaches the individual student safe gun handling in the carry, draw, and presentment of a firearm at a known threat in a high stress scenario thus requiring the individual student to be capable of the employment of a concealed firearm at any moment. 

This course teaches Missouri State Statutes and gun safety.  

A CCW expands your carry rights. This is an important reason to obtain your CCW. Scenarios can arise where the ability to carry in certain areas may come into question. Join us to learn about how the CCW will assist in providing you the knowledge of when it is safe and lawful to carry your firearm.

Minimum Gear and Ammo Requirements

  • Eye Protection and Ear Protection

  • Serviceable Pistol or Revolver

  • 4 Magazines or Speed Loaders

  • Magazine or Speed Loader Pouches

  • Functional Belt and Holster

  • Flashlight and/or Mounted Light

  • 200-400 Rounds Minimum Per Day

Missouri CCW

Only $99.00

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