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Range TEC. Gallery

Come Explore Range TEC.

It's difficult to express how unique Range TEC. is in a world where we have information at the touch of our fingertips. Still, we hope you'll pause for a moment and enjoy our galleries. Range TEC. is not your run of the mill experience. We truly have built a state-of-the-art facility that encompasses everything a range should be. We are interested in helping you achieve your goals, we both know that you can shoot, but if you're looking to really harness your inner skill, come see us.

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Come Join Us - Unleash Your Potential

Your instructors at Range TEC. hold an integral comprehension of why you wish to train, be your best, and become one of the few. They want to assist you with tapping into skills that are not only physical but demand cognitive thought, instinct, and proper reaction. With years of training as Green Berets, your training could not be taught by better instructors.  Range TEC. instructors have the ability to reach in and teach you what you didn't even realize you could accomplish.


Focus, be inspiring, and capture more confidence!  Range TEC. will not only train you, they help you reach your goals.

You'll not only leave more knowledgeable and accurate, you'll leave feeling accomplished.

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