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Long Range Target

Interdiction and Surveillance


This Course is specifically designed to acquaint the shooter with the capabilities of the weapons system that he is utilizing. It's focus is on long range precision shooting on a consistent basis regardless of the type of system being used. 

This course is for law enforcement and the military. Sniper techniques include marksmanship, range estimation, mil-dot usage, ballistics, stress shooting, shooter, and observer roles while utilizing ranges up to 600 yards. Range TEC. requests you provide your own quality scope with a BDC, range finder, anemometer, and ballistics app.

This is a specialized and focused 4 day course.


  • Eye Protection and Ear Protection

  • Suitable Clothing for the Season

  • Leather Adjustable NRA Type Sling, Adjustable Bi-Pod, Shooting Sticks

  • Shooting Mat

  • Spotting Scope

  • Range Finder is recommended but not required

  • Precision Heavy Barrel Rifle

  • A High-Quality Scope (with a BDC / Mil-Dot or something equivalent)

  • Leather Shooting Glove or Shooting Sock

  • Ballistics App on your smartphone

  • Anemometer

  • 100 Rounds Match Grade, Same Lot Number (Per Day)

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Long Range Target (4 Days)


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