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Who Are We?

Trained Professionals.

As our "About" page states, we approach firearm safety, training, and tactical awareness from a different perspective – the never quit mindset. Your Range TEC. instructors have been trained, not only physically, but mentally to assist you with achieving your goals. We understand why individuals wish to become better and more proficient with marksmanship. And again, whether it is private safety and home defense, focusing on fundamentals, professionals already working in an industry, or simply new firearm owner awareness and maintenance, we recognize the importance of honing your skills and wishing to be not only proficient, but instinctive in your response. Regardless of your proficiency level, our one-on-one instruction is why people choose to work with us and allow us to share our knowledge with them.


Your instructors are well-seasoned and steeped in experience. They are "boots-on-the-ground" participants in some of our country's most prolific and important strategic encounters. They have traversed the world holding various positions for various entities.  Most importantly, they are unrivaled in their course approach, situational assessment, methodology, and comprehending what training will best suit your ability and goal.


Your Range TEC. instructors have directly experienced the very scenarios they teach. From United States Army Special Forces (Green Berets), to those who have participated in Special Operations, as Contractor’s, and additional individuals with law enforcement backgrounds. Range TEC. instructors have years of real tactical experience. They have trained foreign and domestic individuals, attended military and civilian shooting schools, and have additional years of experience within an Operational Detachment Alpha Team (ODA, A-Team). They are ready to share their knowledge with those who are eager to learn.


Range TEC. is the creation of individuals who wanted a place to provide self-improvement training dedicated to the skills of self-defense, survival, gun handling, marksmanship, disaster preparedness, and tactical mindset. They have accomplished their goal by creating the best, well maintained range in the Midwest. Their ultimate goal is to provide you the best firearm training that will train your mind, that will in turn, train your body with reflexes and tactical responses for surviving a defensive confrontation. 

Always Remember:

Training enforces confidence, confidence turns into instinct, instinct is a tactical response. Range TEC. is the answer.


‘CARPE DIEM’! The Quiet Professionals.

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Come Unleash Your Best.

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