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Range TEC.
Welcomes Groups, Families, and Companies

Groups on the Range

 At Range TEC., as you will see in our facilities section, we have a fantastic bunk house that is capable of sleeping up to 2, with both a his and hers bathroom capability. It has a complete kitchen and full bar, in addition to a entertainment area with all the amenities and stadium seating. So the question is why are we talking amenities?

That’s easy. Range Tec. has played host to all kinds of groups from family reunions, company get -togethers, and even bachelor parties. Of course, they do have the commonality of shooting, but here at Range TEC., we use our million-dollar facility to put everyone to the test.

For example, we have hosted several families of shooting enthusiasts all day on a Saturday with the provision of a Range Safety Officer who remains on-site. This included as much instruction as desired and was followed up by a barbecue that evening with a relaxing night by the fire pit. Families and groups are welcome to then stay in our roomy bunkhouse and return home the following evening.

This example is just one type of group that we might host. Other groups come for one- or two-days training looking for instruction on particular skills such as long-range shooting, engaging moving targets of shooting in and around our vehicular range. The sky is the limit and all you must do is ask. There are many challenging, as well as complex targetry arrays here at Range TEC. and they are all designed to enhance your individual or group skills. Whether your group in interested in sharpening their self defense skills or just want to go out and have some friendly and challenging competition, then Range Tec. is the place to bring your group.

The cost for one day is $150.00 per person which includes accommodation at our bunkhouse and use of the entire facility. We only ask that you have a four-person minimum and make all arrangements with Buzz at least a month in advance. Just remember if it comes to basic, advance, or alternative shooting, we have the answer…just ask. Also, any day of the week works for us. See you on the Range.

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Come Unleash Your Best.

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